Doorito is a security system which you can mount on any kind of your door, right into your door or on the windows in your family house, apartment, cottage or garage.

The alarm can be remotely activated and deactivated with the mobile app.

If you arm the module and the door or the window moves, the application in your phone immediately reports an alarm. More >>

Manufacturer: Trackito Technology. Product code: P00002

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What is Doorito?

Are you looking for a quick way of protecting your house, apartment, cottage or garage?

Doorito – a security system you can mount on your door, right into your door or on the windows in your family house, apartment, cottage or garage. A mobile application can send you not just alarms about unwelcome guests, it can also inform you about each individual's movement.

The module contains a built-in SIM card which enables the mobile data to be transferred to your smartphone. Just stay online, download the Doorito mobile application and pair it with the security module and you'll be notified about each individual's movement, 24/7, anywhere around the globe.

The mobile application contains many more functions, e.g. advanced date and time scheduling of alarm activation/deactivation.

Thanks to Doorito you can feel safe and know your property and personal safety of yourself and your relatives is protected, anywhere and any time.


Mobile application features

The application enables you to activate/deactivate alarms. If an alarm is active (locked-lock indication), the app notifies you in both a visual and acoustic way about an unauthorized access.

Furthermore, use the application to monitor movement of all individuals who enter the building.

Apart from basic alarm activation/deactivation, Doorito enables you to share the module with other users, based on your previous authorization. You can also schedule the exact date and time of alarm activation/deactivation, and if you turn on the Geofence function, you will receive a notification if you leave the area you have defined previously in case the alarm is not armed.


The package contains

  • A Doorito security module
  • A MicroUSB cable to charge the module
  • An activation card for the first year free tariff
  • A cover you can use to mount the module into your door
  • A double-sided tape to attach the module



  • Charging voltage: 5V
  • Charting time:  5hrs (250mA charging current)
  • Li-Ion battery with 900mAh capacity
  • Module dimensions: 72.5 x 54 x 17.5mm



Your Doorito contains a built-in global SIM card. Thanks to the card you can use your Doorito in each EU country, Switzerland, Norway, the USA and Russia. The basic operation is free for one year. Purchase the next period or extended operation (beyond the common usage) at For further details on operation, see


Warranty: 24 months

Made in EU